Ancient Asides 6 on City of Man


Yesterday morning I recorded another episode of "Ancient Asides," a now eleven-part series on Roman political history, with my friend Coyle Neal of the City of Man Podcast. Yesterday afternoon, episode six of the series, "The Final Background to the New Testament," dropped, and I listened to it on my commute this morning. This episode jumps backward in time a bit to catch our discussion up on the history of the Jews and Judaea since the time of Cyrus, with attention given to Alexander and the Successor Kingdoms, the revolt of the Maccabees, the establishment of Roman hegemony, Judaea's fluid and changing relationship with Rome, and much more. Always a pleasure to sit down and talk Roman history with Coyle.

I've embedded the episode below via Stitcher, but you can listen on iTunes and other podcast apps. Be sure to subscribe to City of Man to get their excellent usual content as well as the semi-regular Ancient Asides episodes on which I'm proud to be a guest. As you can guess, there are several more waiting in the wings. Enjoy! 

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