Dark Full of Enemies

Marine Captain Joe McKay can’t sleep. Already a veteran of the brutal war against Japan, McKay now works in secret for the special operations of the OSS in Europe. When his superiors suddenly present him with a new mission—scout and sabotage a hydroelectric dam in the winter-long darkness of Norway, north of the Arctic Circle—he contacts an old friend, now in the US Army, for help. 

The mission bothers McKay—the poor intelligence, the rushed preparation, the hodgepodge team assembled at last minute, and the long, chill, and sleepless night lying over the target. And after the difficult trip to Norway, he finds himself confronted with yet another obstacle—Josef Petersen, his silent, standoffish contact with the Norwegian resistance. 

Hundreds of miles deep in enemy territory, surrounded by dangers, and unsure of his friends, McKay steels himself to do his duty. But can he succeed? And can he escape with his team when the job is done?

You can read an excerpt from Dark Full of Enemies here.



Grabs your attention and never lets go. . . . Doesn’t matter if you are a history buff or just an adventure addict, this is the book for you.
— Amazon reader Jared

Jordan Poss's third novel is one I'd been hoping he'd write for a long time: An Alistair MacLean-style, World War 2 commando mission story. It follows McKay, a clandestine super Marine called on to form a team of expendables and blow up a Nazi dam in Norway. McKay is sleep-deprived, guilty, unsure of himself—yet focused and cold-blooded once the bullets start flying.

When the novel revs up, it's simple to the point of poetry. Plans go awry; friendships are tested; trust is annihilated and restored; many things explode and get shot up in ways the reader will find satisfying. At its core, Dark Full of Enemies is the story of a man's search for meaning in the back alleys of a world at war.

—John at Goodreads

Once started, I couldn't put this book down. It takes the harsh realities and impact of war and pulls it glaringly into the light. Providing colorful perspectives from both sides, the book grabs your attention and never lets go. It gives powerful examples of the sacrifices made by both individuals and families to combat a common enemy and ties seamlessly into an accurate historical context. Doesn't matter if you are a history buff or just an adventure addict, this is the book for you.

—Jared at

Pretty good read, The action occurs in a place I had not heard of before and adds another dimension to the story. While the tactics and locations are based on historical places; the story helps make the characters come alive and the events move quickly. I would recommend this to those who like novels based on history but appreciate some action. It kept my interest all the way through.

—Steven at Goodreads

I enjoyed reading this fast paced book. Plus the characters were something else as well. The history is excellent along with the setting to help the events unfold throughout the story in the book. A must read for any and all book lovers everywhere.

—Anthonia at Goodreads

Poss is a new author who is extremely talented! What an awesome read that has you from page one immersed into the story. He has the ability to make you part of the plot and to paint with words the environment you are in. The dark, the extreme cold, the danger surround you. I highly recommend Dark Full of Enemies! Treat yourself to a well written and new plot about WWII. Looking forward to his next book!

—Amazon customer